Park with Mobill at Skärgårdsstiftelsen!


See zones and prices here

Pay for parking in our app or on our Website.

You can search and find zones in the app Mobill Parkering and also use the map to find zones. It is also possible to log in on My pages on to pay for parking.

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

Select short-term parking, select registration number and select the zone you have parked in. Press Zon info to see prices and rules. Press Start parking to start the parking and Stop parking to end it.

If a day tariff is available and is the cheapest alternative for your parking then the app will automatically choose the day tariff instead of the hourly tariff.

Pay parking with SMS

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

To pay parking with SMS, send zone registration-number duration to 0700-861100.
For example, to pay for 45 minutes of parking in zone 6002, send 6002 ABC123 45m
You can send 30m for 30 minutes, 60m for 60 minutes, 2h for 2 hours, 4h for 4 hours etc.

For questions regarding zones, maps, rules, fines, contact Robur Parkering: For questions regarding Mobill parking, failed orders, invoicing, payments, receipts etc: