Arlanda and Bromma Airports


See zones and prices here

Service fee: 15% supplement on standard charge (minimum 4.95 SEK)

Buy parking using our app or website (recommended)

You can search and view zones in the Mobill Parkering app and see them on a map with GPS assistance. You can also log in and purchase parking right here on

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

Select Short-term parking, set the registration number and pick the zone for the location where you are parking. Tap Zone Info to see prices and rules. Tap Start to start parking and Stop to end parking.

If a day rate is available and it becomes the cheapest option for the time you have parked, we automatically charge the day rate.

Long-term parking (days, weeks, months) including Motorcycle Parking

Select Long-term parking, tap Buy Parking and set the registration number and pick the zone for the location where you are parking. Select the length of time you require and tap Buy. Parking commences immediately. A day (dygn) means 24 hours from the moment parking starts.

Sometimes there are several zone codes for the same location, for example:

  • 6015D Terminal 5 P58 (day)
  • 6015V Terminal 5 P58 (week)
  • 6091 Motorcycle parking Arlanda (day)
  • 6092 Motorcycle parking Arlanda (month)

Select the one that is cheapest for the time you want to park. You can mix them, but you must order the parking in sequence. For example, to park for 8 days at Terminal 5 P58, order 6015V for 1 week. At the end of that week, order 6015D to add the extra day.

Buy parking using SMS

Short-term parking (minutes or hours)

To buy parking using SMS, send zone registrationnumber duration to 0700-861100.
For example, to buy 45 minutes parking in zone 6002, send 6002 ABC123 45m
You can also send 30m for 30 minutes, 60m for 60 minutes, 2h for two hours, 4h for four hours etc.

Long-term parking (days, weeks, months) including Motorcycle Parking

For day (dygn) zones send 1d, 2d etc. For example, to buy motorcycle parking at Arlanda, send 6091 registrationnumber daysD to 0700-861100.

  • to buy 1 day send 6091 ABC123 1d
  • to buy 5 days send 6091 ABC123 5d
For week (vecka) and month (månad) zones, send just zone and registration number. You can only order one week or one month at a time using SMS, but you can repeat the same order to buy a further week or month. So to buy a month of motorcycle parking at Arlanda, send 6092 registrationnumber to 0700-861100. For example:
  • 6092 ABC123

For questions regarding zones, maps, rules and parking fines, contact Swedavia Stockholm Arlanda Airport: For questions regarding the Mobill parking service, app, SMS, orders, invoices and payment including My Mobill: