New invoice and new possibilities with Billogram!

During the autumn, you as a customer will have access to a new, more modern invoice as we change payment service provider to Billogram's more digital payment solution. The change happens automatically and is carried out to make it easier for you to keep track of your parking expenses. It is also part of our sustainability and digitization work, where we want to reduce the number of paper invoices and postal transport. In connection with the change, we also change the bank giro number.

For you as a customer, the transition to Billogram means a number of advantages such as new and simple payment methods and the possibility to communicate directly with the customer center on the invoice. The new digital interactive invoice has the same functionality as a website, which means a number of improvements for our customers:

  • Pay wherever you are, via a range of easy payment methods
  • Clearly see if/when a payment is made
  • Communicate directly with customer center on invoice
  • Reduced risk of incorrect payments
  • Schedule Payments
  • Reduced climate footprint

Are you a business customer? Read our FAQ further down to see how the switch affects you.

What do I need to do?

The switch to Billogram's payment service takes place automatically in the fall, but there are a few things we want to draw your attention to.

New bank giro
In connection with the switch to Billogram's payment service, we are changing the bank giro number. The new bank giro number will appear on your invoice from Billogram. It is also possible to contact our customer center if you need the bank giro number beforehand.

If you have a paper invoice
The new invoices will receive a new bankgiro number to which the payment must be made. The invoices will also have a new look.

If you have email invoice
Your email invoice will continue to be sent to you without you having to do anything, however it will in future come from the email address system Please note that the new invoices have also changed the bankgiro number to which the payment should be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't want to use Mobill's parking apps, you can use our SMS service instead. The service has been developed to offer a convenient option for paying for parking with a simple SMS.

The biggest changes for residential customers are:

  • New layout and invoice experience
  • New sender of invoice;
  • New bank giro number
  • New payment methods
  • Communicate directly via the invoice
  • Reduced climate impact.

Yes, in connection with the change to Billogram, we change the bank giro number. You will find the new number on your first Billogram invoice.

Billogram is a payment solution provider that companies (Mobill) can work with on current recurring payments. Billogram's payment service enables simple payment solutions for a company's private and business customers.

With smart technology, the payment process is made more efficient for the invoice issuer, while improving the payment experience for the customer. Read more at

We think long-term and sustainably, as part of that work we are therefore switching to Billogram's more digital invoice service. For you as a customer, this means simple and secure payment solutions. For our environment, this means less paper use and transport of postal invoices. We think it's great!

Advantages of the web invoice:

  • Easy to pay - choose the payment method yourself and see the status on the invoice
  • Invoice history available with each invoice
  • Get updated on events, get confirmation when the invoice is paid and see immediately if something has gone wrong with the payment
  • Easy to reach customer service via the message function on the invoice
  • Easy to sign up for Autogiro
  • Environmentally friendly as consumption of paper and postal transport is reduced

The switch to Billogram's paid service will take place at the end of 2022. We will inform you in detail when the time is right.

No, the change involves no cost to the customer.

From the end of 2022 we are cooperating with Billogram, which is a more modern invoice service. The purpose is to make it easier for you as a customer to receive and pay your invoice. Billogram is an invoicing service that companies use to create and send invoices. In other words, it is we at Mobill who stand as the invoice issuer who have sent you the invoice and we are also the ones who receive your payment.

The link from the email will take you to your web invoice if you chose a digital distribution method. From the web invoice, you can then pay your invoice in a way that suits you. You will receive the link via email or to your internet bank (e-invoice). If you have email as the distribution method, your invoice link will be sent from the email address

Open your web invoice and scroll down to the "save invoice as PDF" button.

In your internet bank you will have access to a link that takes you to the digital Billogram. From there you can scroll down and find the specification and choose to save the invoice as a PDF. If we have access to your email address, a link to the web invoice will also be sent to this email address.

You can easily activate direct debit via the web invoice. If you have a digital delivery method, you will have received the web invoice link via SMS, e-mail or to your internet bank. If you have received your invoice on paper - follow the instructions on the paper invoice to get to the web invoice (scan the QR code or follow the SMS instructions). Once on the web invoice - follow the instructions provided here..


Welcome to contact our customer center if you have any questions. As we approach the switch to Billograms payment service, we will inform further.